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Dylan Jones

Ebbw Vale
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Haunted Holidays

Located in the borough of Blaenau Gwent, Ebbw Vale was once the home to the notable steelworks, and for the Garden Festival. It can be reached by taking the A465 Heads of the Valleys road that runs between Merthyr Tydfil and Abergavenny, or by travelling north from Newbridge on the A4048.

The Waun Llwyd Haunting

During the 1930's, one of the Waun Llwyd Cottages, located on the isolated moutainside above the village of waun Llwyd, was home to a normal family... and a ghost. A "strange presence" that beared down upon family members in an upstairs bedroom was just one of the frightening experiences reported. Bedclothes were also pulled by an unseen force. The family soon realised that they could not share their home with this presence, and duly moved out.

A full account of this story appears in "Ghosts of Gwent" by Alan Roderick.

Haunted Underwear Factory

The Berlei Underwear Factory is home to a friendly ghost, that has even been given the nickname of 'Charlie'. According to employees, lights switch themselves off, and at Christmas the decorations are taken down! The ghost has apparently been seen next to one of the sewing machines. Could this be the ghost of a workhouse inmate that hanged himself when the factory site was once an old workhouse?

A full account of this story appears in "Ghosts of Gwent" by Alan Roderick.

The Mill-stream and Churchyard

The apparition of a young woman carrying her baby has been seen in the area of the mill-stream and churchyard. She has been described as a "white misty form... walking steadily along the path by the stream". According to accounts, the form disappears where the stream takes a bend near to a bridge. The ghost has also been spotted on the other side of the bridge, walking through the closed church gates.

A full account of this story appears in "Ghosts of Wales" by Tony Ellis.

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