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It is reported that in 1955, a series of paranormal happenings occurred at flats that were located in a former prisoner of war camp, having been converted to a more appropriate usage following the end of World War 2. 


Three families were said to have experienced the phenomena, which included:

  • feelings of apprehension, fright and depression
  • tactile phenomena
  • inexplicable sounds of rustlings and tapings
  • peculiar smells

There was also a large amount of visual phenomenon associated with the haunting.  Several witnesses reported an odd ensemble of apparitions, which included:

  • “oddly-white” faces staring at the occupiers
  • a grey female form resembling a nun or nurse
  • a male figure which was possibly a bishop
  • “flitting shapes” out of the corners of their eyes
  • a Salvation Army woman
  • a blind man tapping his stick
  • forms resembling angels

Certainly there seems to be a religious pattern within the sightings.  There is also some possibility that the presence of infrasound would account for the feelings experienced here.




Peter Underwood – Ghosts of Wales

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