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In the Domesday Book, written in 1086, Caldicot is recorded as being held under the sheriff Durand, "in the demesne three ploughs and fifteen villeins, four serfs and one man-at-arms. All these have twelve ploughs. Here is a mill of 10 shillings. All this is worth 6."


In the 900 years since that was written, Caldicot has grown to a size that no one could have foretold.  It now has around 10,000 inhabitants.  Caldicot is located the south east corner of Wales in the county of Monmouthshire.  It is accessed by the M48 to the north and the M4 to the south.  Caldicot is conveniently located between Cardiff (30miles/50 km) to the west and Bristol (20miles/30 km) to the east.  Caldicot lies on the M4 corridor between Magor and Chepstow so leave the motorway at junction 23 and take a drive on the B4245.


Caldicot Hall

This property has long since been demolished. It was located on the land to the north of Caldicot Church, and had the reputation of being haunted by a lady in grey. However, is this merely an anecdotal tale, or does the apparition still walk the site of the old house?

The Ghost of Forge Row

A business now occupies one of the properties at Forge Row. The buildings were built to house industrial workers and their families during the late 19th century. During the 1980's it emerged that a friendly presence was about in the premises of one particular firm. Workers have reported that a friendly woman is watching them, and the smell of cooking or flowers is found around the premises.

Caldicot Castle



Caldicot Castle is set in fifty-five acres of beautiful Country Park. The river Neddern winds its way through areas of woodland and pasture and the wildlife pond is complete with a pond-dipping station. The park offers an ideal setting for picnics and walks against the magnificent backdrop of the medieval castle walls, with picnic tables and barbecue hearths on site.


Founded by the Normans, developed in royal hands as a stronghold in the Middle Ages and restored as a Victorian family home, the castle has a romantic and colourful history.  Find out about its past with an audio tour, explore the medieval towers and take in the breath-taking views of the parklands and surrounding area from the battlements.

This imposing and grand castle is home to brown monks, white robed monks, a grey lady, and many have experienced cold spots, footsteps heard in vacant parts of the building and objects moved by unseen hands. During a visit there in 1992, Dylan Jones was speaking to Dennis Manning the park warden, and detected a temperature drop of 10 degrees Celsius in one of the towers - in a room heated by an electric fire, with doors and windows shut tight. The drop was witnessed by both over a couple of seconds on the thermometer. The atmosphere in the room was felt to be more than a little strange at that time!



Ghosts of Gwent by Alan Roderick

The Keep at Caldicot Castle

The impressive Gatehouse

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