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Dylan Jones

South Wales Argus (30/10/03)
Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays

First published on Thursday 30 October 2003:

This is how the artice appeared.  Obviously, Dylan Jones is no longer a part of SWPR, but is retained because I approached the newspaper to do the article.

Spirit of ghost hunters

THIS Halloween, a group of real-life `ghost hunters' are looking to Gwent for new members to help them in their search for things that go bump in the night.

The South Wales Paranormal Research group also want to hear from people who have had supernatural experiences with ghosts, ghouls or poltergeists.

Lead investigator Dylan Jones said: "Most people, whether a believer in such things or not, love a good ghost story.

"Gwent is rich in such stories and accounts reaching back throughout history.

"We want to actively promote such a tradition as it provides a unique angle for the tourist."

The group of professionals plan to investigate reports of alleged paranormal phenomena including apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists throughout South Wales.

Their quest is to explain the unexplainable but they say they are not ghost-busters.

Dylan Jones said: "Using the most up-to-date technology we will try to provide explanations for the occurrences.

"And we also hope to catalogue, preserve and promote Welsh paranormal heritage and to provide provision for education about parapsychology and paranormal research."

The group are currently investigating Llancaiach Fawr Manor in Nelson, reputed to be the most haunted house in Wales.

They have already begun the writing and research for a book about the manor but they are still looking for anyone with experiences from the house to come forward and share their story.

For more information contact or phone 07929 180609.

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