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South Wales Paranormal Research


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The beautiful north-east Gwent agricultural town of Abergavenny is host to some spooky tales.  Take the A4042 if you are travelling from  Pontypool, or the A465 Heads of the Valleys Road if travelling from the Merthyr area.

The Council House
A council house in the town was subjected to all sorts of phenomena during the mid 1950's and the late 1970's.  The occupiers reported strange occurences including their dog being locked into a shed outside their home, "presences" felt at night, and a brown lady witnessed by a child.
The Canal
A lady dressed all in black and wearing a shawl that covers her head, has been seen gliding along the canal banks of the Monmouthshire-Breconshire Canal.  The apparition has been sighted on the stretch between Abergavenny and Pontypool, near to a bridge that takes the old road between these two towns, over the canal itself.
The Toy Museum
This building in Abergavenny is allegedly home to a curious type of haunting... that of a haunted dolls house!  The full story and history of this item is documented in "Haunted Gwent" by Alan Roderick.  People have claimed to see movement in the windows of the house...
The Haunted Barn at Chain Bridge
A 15th century barn is said to be the haunt of a benign presence, although its origins are unknown.