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South Wales Paranormal Research


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Located between Newport and Pontypool, the town of Cwmbran can be found on the A4051. 

A Haunting in Greenmeadow
A council house at Charston in the Greenmeadow district of Cwmbran, was the focus of some disturbing phenomena during the mid 1970's.  A damp smell lingered in the house, the kettle would boil on its own and potatoes left on the stove were found to have cooked when the occupants returned home.  Bottles of milk were found emptied on the floor.  Door handles would turn themselves.  What was of more concern, was that the focus of the events seemed to be the occupiers very young children.  They were understandably very upset by something that the adults could not see.  It was of no surprise that the family moved out after experiencing this in their 10 week tenancy.  Subsequent tennants reported phenomena also, but for some reason they gradually faded. 
The Pool of Avarice
In the hills to the north of Cwmbran there is a pool known as The Pool of Avarice.  Local legend says that a house was built nearby, and on a stormy night of torrential weather, the mountainside slid down and buried the house.  There were no survivors.  It is now said that on similar stormy nights, the cries of the dead are heard at the reed-filled pool.