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South Wales Paranormal Research


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Newport is the new City in Wales and boasts some truly good ghost stories.  Located on the M4, leave it at either junction 24 if travelling from England, or junction 28 if travelling from west wales.

Mill Street
At Mill Street, there once stood the George and Dragon Pub.  It has now long since been demolished, but in its heyday it was reputedly haunted by the sounds of loud cries and the noise of men fighting.  Furniture was also said to move of its own accord.  But does the haunting remain, even if the building is no more?
Newport Docks
The ghost of a sailor dressed in a black cap and long black coat has been seen on the docks.
Clytha Park Road
In 1992, it was reported that the car showrooms of Roger Gibbons (now changed to a rental business), were haunted.  The ghost of figure wearing a grey cloak has been reported, car doors would slam shut and a feeling of unease was experienced.
Clarence Place
The old Coliseum, or the Studio 1 and 2 cinema, was demolished in the mid 1990's and there are now flats occupying its space.  The building was special to many people, including Dylan Jones who vividly recalls his own childhood visits to see many films there (including "Ghostbusters" in 1984!).  However, according to former employees, the building was haunted by a woman wearing a 1930s style dress, a male presence and an icey sensation was experienced.  Does the new building still house these ghosts, or have they left too?
Belmont Hill
The apparition of a man wearing a long black coat and holding an umbrella above his head has been reported walking up Belmont Hill at Christchurch.
Originating in the 1840's, a tale emerged about two ghostly dogs that accompanied some children as they went on their late journey between Christchurch and Eveswell.  Apparently, the two animals left the children feeling secure and safe, only to disappear when the youngsters neared their destination.
The Hall of Fame
Built in 1403, this is Newport's oldest pub, located on the town centre between the Kings Hotel and McDonalds.  The figure of a man has been seen in the upstairs of the premises.  Is this the ghost of a man who committed suicide here?
Newport Castle
Located on the Old Green Roundabout and next to the "town bridge", the castle is an impressive feature of the new city.  The castle is said to be haunted by its founder, Robert Fitzhamon.  He is said to be seen wandering the central tower, an imposing bearded figure with "piercing eyes".
South Wales Argus Office
Members of the canteen staff reported objects moving of their own accord in the kitchen.  Interestingly, this phenomena appeared to be a one-off event.
A Terrifying Experience
During the early 1980's, a family living in an early Victorian house in one of the older parts of Newport, reported a terrifying apparition.  The figure of a man, with "a long and haggard face" and hollow cheeks was witnessed by all the females at the address.  At one point, it allegedly pushed one of the women and then took hold of her with some strength.
St Julians
In a street off Heather Road, a young woman was just one of several people to experience some of the strange phenomena in a particular house.  Whilst alone in the house (which belonged to her grandmother) at lunchtime, the woman heard the sounds of distinct footsteps approaching from behind her.  They were distinctive in that one footstep was normal, but the following one was as if a foot was being dragged.  Knowing that she was alone, she ran from the house without looking!  But, on speaking to her father later that day at her own home, she was informed that a crippled man had died in the house.  The same experience had been reported by others including himself.  Other people felt the presence of someone looking over them whilst they were in bed at night.
Christchurch District
In the late 1940's, in a detatched house in its own grounds somewhere at the top of St Julians Road, electricians were called to rewire the premises.  The house was believed to have been the local headquarters of the barage balloon operators during the war.  Whilst they were alone in the house on a rather wet and rainy day, they reportedly heard the front door open and footsteps enter.  They heard the footsteps walk up the stairs and cross the floor above them.  After waiting for a while for the person to come down with no result, they decided to check the house.  They found no wet footprints leading from the front door to the upstairs.   They did not find anyone else in the house...
Clevedon Road
Interestingly, Clevedon Road is in the area mentioned above, and this account also involves an old house set in its own grounds that is now a nursing home.  Dylan Jones used to work at this home during his late teens, and it was often said to be host to some strange activity.  Nurses reported footsteps at night, electrical items would be switched off at the plugs, the figure of a man was seen, and chairs would sink as if someone was sitting on them.  Is this the same building mentioned in the above case?  It was said that a doctor committed suicide at the old house many years ago...
Tredegar House
This is one of the finest museum homes and grounds in Wales.  But is it still home to those who once lived there?  A ghost dressed in "black knee-length trousers, a white shirt with frills down the front, black overcoat and black boots" has been seen walking the grounds.  People have also reported strange sounds coming from empty rooms, the ghost of a nun at prayer, parades of ghostly nuns walking through the inner courtyard, unexplained footsteps and a haunted out building used for social gatherings... is this Wales most haunted house?
For more detailed accounts read both "Ghosts of Gwent" and "Haunted Gwent" by Alan Roderick.
Dents Hill
The ghost of a woman has been seen sitting on a fence on Dents Hill.  Apparently, late one night, she was seen by a man who was walking home alone.  She spoke to the man saying, "The day is for you, but the night is for me" and vanished!
Emlyn Street
The ghost of Sister Aquinas is said to haunt the old Holy Cross Roman Catholic school.  The double swing doors have been seen to open of their own accord, cold breezes have been felt in isolated spots, and footsteps have been heard.
The Westgate Hotel
The building that once was the famous Westgate Hotel is now home to shops.  As a hotel, it had the reputation for having more than earthly guests.  Indeed, whilst Dylan Jones worked as there as a student to earn some extra cash, staff would report to have an encounter with the apparition of a man in black on the upper floors, and doors would open on their own...