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South Wales Paranormal Research
St Arvans


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Travel north of Chepstow on the A466 to Monmouth road, and you will find the village of St Arvans.  But beware, this is a place for the strongwilled... and not those who are easily spooked!

The Phantom Coach at the Glyn
At a place called The Glyn on the edge of Chepstow Park Wood, a farmer in the 1920's reported seeing a phantom coach drawn by four horses. 
Cefn Hills
Ghostly monks have been reported at the bottom of the Cefn Hills area.
A ghostly and headless nun has been reported not far from a place called Mayos Cottage on the Devauden side of Itton.
Pen y Parc
The welsh hounds of hell have been seen allegedly on several occasions here, each dragging chains behind them...