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Dylan Jones


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Dylan Jones was born in Mansfield, England in 1975 - a constant niggle to this Welshman by blood parentage!  He moved to Newport in 1978 after his parents despaired at the way he said "bus" in a Nottinghamshire accent.  Perhaps it was those early years of growing up and hearing about Robin Hood and the Major Oak that sowed the seed of interest in legends and lore that was responsible for a lifelong interest in the unusual or unknown.  However, it was during 1984 that Dylan Jones became really fascinated with the possibility of ghosts and hauntings.      


“It was a combination of an experience I had had aged about 7; going to see Ghostbusters as a child in 1984; and then asking  my mum if she had ever seen a ghost.  When she replied that she had such an experience, I was fascinated!” said Dylan.  He is also quick to point out that seeing Ghostbusters did not and still does not urge him to wear grey overalls!  He does, however, see that the film in question is one of the greatest influences in raising his interest in the paranormal.  Dan Aykroyd co-wrote and starred in the film, and also has a life-long interest in the paranormal.  Dylans most prized possession is a signed photograph from the man himself inscribed "Dylan, see American Society for Psychical Research.  Great Library! Dan"


From the age of 9, he began to collect ghost stories from people and reading books about their experiences.  In 1986, he bought his first ghost book, “The Usbourne Book of Ghosts”, which still sits proudly on his bookshelf in the study at home.  Even in comprehensive school, he tried to start an investigative team, but found that no-one seemed to have quite the same serious approach or passion for the subject.


In 1993, he left school with 11 GCSE’s and A Levels in English, History and Theatre Studies.  He attended UWIC to study Psychology and Communication, but hated the Linguistics and Phonetics aspect of the course so he changed after one year, and in 1994 swapped to do a degree in Education, specialising in Secondary Drama.


During that time, Dylan set up Paragation - a research group consisting of university students, and over 2 years had some interesting investigations and over 20 members.  They even appeared in a number of local television programmes and news features on HTV and BBC Wales.


In 1993, Dylan also become involved with Red Dragon FM and ended up being a regular presenter on the overnight show, and the enjoyment of working for a living was far more attractive than years of student debt.  So, in June 1995 at the tender age of 20, Dylan applied for a career in the police service with Gwent Police, as this was his childhood career ambition.  He was fortunate to be accepted on his first application.  For the first seven years of his service he worked as a police officer in Bargoed.  In 2002, Dylan became a School Liaison Officer with Gwent Police, and is currently studying for an Graduate Diploma in Professional Development connected to his police role in education.  He hopes to take this forward to complete an M.Ed.


In 2000, he got married in Florida (his favourite place on earth) and one year later he became a Dad.  Aside from SWPR, he enjoys following Liverpool in football, and the Scarlets and obviously the current 6 Nations Grand Slam heroes – Wales - in rugby; loves the cinema; cooking; reading; djing/music; and taking the family off in their touring caravan.


In 2003, he met Steve Cluer and Mike Howell, and together founded South Wales Paranormal Research.  He also became a Ghost Tour Guide at Llancaiach Fawr Manor, and he has completed writing his first book on the history and haunting of what is reputed to be the most haunted house in Wales.  It will hopefully be published in late 2005 or early 2006.  Other projects are now in the pipeline, including more local books and the Manual of Guidance.


In November 2004, Dylan was invited onto the Executive Committee of ASSAP – The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena – which he saw as a great honour and privelige.  He took the position of Deputy National Investigation Co-ordinator at he can be emailed at:


In August 2005, Dylan withdrew from SWPR for various reasons, including concentrating on family commitments, doing more investigation-orientated work and his role at a national level with ASSAP.  Dylan has over 320 books on ghosts, apparitions and various paranormal phenomena in his library.  His main interest in the paranormal is about the education of others concerning the subject, as well as the desire to train others in how to investigate spontaneous case phenomena correctly.  He has produced a Manual of Guidance in relation to this training.


Dylan assisted with the ASSAP Accredited Investigators Training Day held at Margam Castle in November 2005.  He delivered inputs on Investigative Interviewing, Evidence Gathering and Report Writing. 


In March 2006, he felt that his involvement in research should cease owing to a realisation that the phenomena could be reationally explained in normal terms.  He has now moved on to new, exciting projects that stem back to his other great interest of music/DJing/radio presentation and spending time with his family.

Dylan Jones viewing CCTV at Bisham Abbey

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