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Dylan Jones

Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays

The ASSAP Training Day at Margam Castle on Saturday 19th November 2005 was a complete success all round.  Dylan Jones won the prestigious Michael Bentine Memorial Shield for his Investigation into Llancaiach Fawr Manor. 

Dylan Jones is a member of ASSAP

Welcome to the homepage of what was formally Paranormal Research Wales, the website of Dylan Jones.

Paranormal Research Wales was based in Wales and investigated reports of apparitions, hauntings and other spontaneous paranormal phenomena.  Holding no corporate views and encouraging open and constructive debate regarding the subjects nature and reality, I have concluded that the investigative work in this field should draw to a close.  Over the last 23 years I have developed an opinion that there is little evidence to support paranormal phenomena as something other than misinterpretation, mistake, a result of psychological influence or simply normal causes. 


Indeed, thanks to a whole host of media programmes related to the subject, I have concluded that the field is now tainted and holds little credability.  These programmes, and I am sure you can guess which ones I am referring to, have dealt incredible harm to the field and to the serious researchers who were involved in it.  It has now become fashionable to spend nights in haunted houses, chasing "orbs" and flashing digital cameras in every direction blinding anyone in their path.  Businesses have sprung up to thrive on this - thus driving up costs for the serious researcher.  Anyone who takes these programmes seriously needs to re-assess their own take on reality! 


The field now holds little interest for me.  Only one group continues to be empirical and that is ASSAP.  I wish them every success, and continue to be a member.

Having been the Deputy National Investigation Co-ordinator for ASSAP - The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena - one of the UK's leading serious and academic research organisations, I acknowledge that there is still work to be done educating the public.  Please contact them via their website at  However, from my perspective, I would still like you to enjoy that Haunted Heritage that Wales has, albeit from an entertaining rather than realistic experience.

All material on this site is copyright to Dylan Jones, unless otherwise stated.