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Dylan Jones

The Ghost Tour of Wales
Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays


Part of ASSAP's Project Albion

Welcome to the Ghost Tour of Wales! This is your opportunity to take a guided tour around the haunted hills, watch out for veiled phantoms in the valleys, look for terrifying other-worldly forms in the towns and ethereal entities in our major cities in Wales...if you dare!


This section is part of the ASSAP-led initiative entitled "Project Albion", which intends to pull together all the reports of paranormal activity from all over the British Isles.  As a Welshman, Dylan Jones has begun to draw together the accounts from his homeland and is indebted to the work of many others who have come before him.  He would like to express gratitue to the likes of Peter Underwood, J. A. Brookes, Russell Gascoigne, Jane Pugh, Richard Holland, Stephen Clarke and Alan Roderick to name but a few.  All have done magnificent work in this area, and have the been the authors of many a well-read book in Dylan Jones collection.  Indeed, all have been an inspiration at some point.


In his book "Ghosts of Wales", renowned collector of ghost accounts and eminent Paranormal Investigator Peter Underwood states:


"The ghosts of Wales, like the people of Wales and the scenery of Wales, are varied and different and utterly delightful."





Wales has a unique and richly textured haunted heritage, which we are extremely proud of. The links within Welsh history, legends and the paranormal are truly fascinating - even for the casual armchair reader.


Just select a county at which to start your tour. Then choose from the list of locations to read about its haunted heritage.


Please bear in mind that this is an ever growing section of the site, and some parts will still be under construction!

Please select one of the counties from below:


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