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Dylan Jones


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The beautiful and historic market town of Monmouth lies on the A40 in the north east of the county. Its spectral history is such that a book has been written about the ghosts of Monmouth!

White Hill

The sounds of a crying baby have been heard in the area of White Hill. According to local legend, a gipsy murdered a baby and hid the body in a thornbush at this location.

Bailey Pit

Set in the slopes of White Hill, this old building is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a cripple and a murdered maid.

For a fuller account of the stories associated with Bailey Pit, I recommend "The Haunting of Glamorgan and Gwent" by Russell Gascoigne.

Ghosts at Watery Lane

The ghost of a man thought to have committed suicide by leaping into one of the pools that once dotted Watery Lane, has been seen by witnesses. The apparition is said to leap from mid air where a high banking once was, then dissappears into the road, where a pool once was.

A phantom postman has been seen carrying out his deliveries at the junctionof Watery Lane and Brook Estate. However, there is no explanantion as to his identity at this time.

An evil and unseen presence has been reported accompanying residents home at night, whilst on foot in Watery Lane.

The Ghost of the Kymin

At the Kymin, a spectacular Monmouth viewpoint, the ghost of a man dressed in 18th or 19th century clothing and a tall hat has been seen. But the appearance of the ghost is said to foretell the death of a Kymin Hill resident.

The Old Timber Yard

At the site of a former timber yard, known as "Swifts Saw Mill", located between Monmouth Boathouse and Granville Street, the ghost of a former owner has been reported. He is said to be chopping wood every night!

Brook Crescent

During the mid 1950's, strange occurences were reported at two council houses in Brook Crescent. Uncomfortable nights were spent trying to sleep as lights switched themselves on and off, doors were locked and unlocked and objects were moved. On a more serious nature, were the unexplained fires. However, the occurences simply seemed to stop quite abruptly.

Dixton Churchyard

A tramp is said to haunt the churchyard and vicarage of Dixton. Is it the apparition of a tramp who drowned in the vacinity many years ago?

Dixton Fields

The fields of Dixton are said to be haunted by the ghost of a man accompanied by a large white dog. Witnessed stated that they simply vanish into mid air when seen.

Phantom Footsteps

A house just off Hereford Street is supposedly the place where ghostly footsteps have been heard approaching the front door.


In September 1961, a local man reported driving through the ghost of a large black dog at Buckholt. Could this have been the infamous Buckholt Ghost Donkey, said to be a headless apparition seen along the Hereford Road?

The Queens Head

At the Queens Head Public House, a shadowy figure has been seen in one of the bedrooms.

The Riverside Hotel

Taps on beer barrels turning themselves off and glasses moving by themselves are some of the phenomena reported here.

Monnow Street

The sounds of horses' hooves have been heard in Monnow Street and going around the corner of Chippenham House. Theories as to the cause vary from the ghost of a highwayman to the sounds from an ancient battle. It is said that the sounds are heard during the late afternoon, but more frequently during the autumn months.


On the old Monmouth to Abergavenny road, you might find a somewhat unusual ghost... that of a sleeping cow!


The apparition of a faceless and "hazy, bluish colour, almost transparent" woman wearing a long flowing dress has been seen in the field near to the banks of the River Wye.

For more in-depth accounts, please read "Ghosts of Gwent" and "Haunted Gwent" by Alan Roderick, and "Ghosts of Monmouth" by Stephen Clarke.

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