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Dylan Jones

Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays

Redbrook is located on the road to Newland as you travel out of Monmouth.


The Swan Pool

On the road to Newland lies the Swan Pool... a place for the fainthearted to avoid after nightfall. The pool is haunted by the apparition of a mother cradling her child, who rise from the waters and vanish. If that was not enough, the ghost of a dog which is sometimes reported headless, comes down from one of the old lime kilns nearby and walks around the pool. The dog then makes its way back into the woods...

The Phantom Stagecoach

At a spot called Halfway House, it has been reported that a phantom stagecoach drawn by four horses travels along the road. The coach is driven by a man who whips the horses to run faster, and in the carriage sits a beautiful woman passenger. The coach then disappears into the woods nearby...

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