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Dylan Jones

The Conduct of an Investigation
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The principle purpose of any investigation is to establish the objectivity of reported paranormal activity.  An investigation is necessary to establish the facts in evidence form, and the following notes will assist you in a step-by-step guide through each stage.  They should be strictly adhered to, and if problems arise which you feel unable to deal with, you should contact the appropriate persons within ASSAP that are competent to take over. 



As Peter Underwood (1993) and many other researchers state quite categorically, the investigation of spontaneous cases involves difficulties not ordinarily met with in scientific research, and calls for large amounts of tact and sympathy.  As Investigators, you must be able to collate, assess and interpret data and evidence correctly.  You must bear in mind the following considerations at all times of the investigation, whether covering a haunting, an apparition sighting or a poltergeist disturbance. 

You should guarantee the informant that:

  • Any information given to investigators will be treated as strictly confidential, only to be disclosed to members of ASSAP who are competent to deal with it.
  • If some sort of publishing or broadcasting is contemplated, names and places will not be given without the consent of those concerned; pseudonyms can be used if required.

To read more about the Conduct of Investigations from the Manual of Guidance, please contact Dylan Jones via email here.

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