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Dylan Jones

The Paranormal Investigators Handbook - Hope and Townsend
Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays

The Paranormal Investigators Handbook

Edited by Valerie Hope and Maurice Townsend

Collins and Brown (1999)


ISBN: 1-85585-703-0 (paperback)


This book provides a practical introduction on how to investigate any anomalous phenomena, and is edited by long-standing ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) members, Valerie Hope and Maurice Townsend. 


They have drawn together experts in various fields to produce a handbook that provides a good starting point on how to investigate such mysteries as hauntings, UFO’s, Fortean Phenomena, Earth Mysteries, Remote Viewing, Premonitions and Out-of-body experiences.


Also included are real cases to illustrate the pitfalls and difficulties that await an investigator in any of these fields.  Whereas certain parts of the book will appeal to some more than others, in the case of those interested primarily in ghosts, do not skip the chapters dedicated to other fields of study.  There is much we can learn from all disciplines.  Another worthwhile book to add to your collection.


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