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Dylan Jones

The History of Bisham Abbey
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Since the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the manor house of Bisham has been known as Bisham Abbey.  The actual abbey stood alongside and would have occupied most of the estate in its day.  The manor house is based around an ancient preceptory built by 13th century Knights Templar, who were the owners of the property.  The magnificent hall, which is pictured below, dates from about 1260.  The order was suppressed in 1307 and Edward II seized Bisham from their control.  Bisham Abbey was then used as a gaol for imprisoned dignitaries; and later it was home to Queen Elizabeth of the Scots, her step-daughter Princess Marjorie and sister-in-law, Lady Christine of Carrick.


In 1335, Bisham was granted to the Barons Montacute who eventually became Earls of Salisbury.  The house became their residence for about 200 years.  The Hoby family took up the seat in the early 16th century.  Queen Elizabeth I spent a number of her years of imprisonment here during Bloody Mary's reign and later returned to visit Lady Hoby under happier circumstances.



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