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Dylan Jones

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Chepstow is located in the south-east of Gwent, on the Welsh side of the border with England.  It can be reached by travelling along the M48, having left the M4 at junction 23.

The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn at Chepstow, which dates from 1791, has a reputation of being haunted. The tales of glasses rising from the bar without human help, drawers opening on their own and the contents scattering themselves, as well as the shadowy presences witnessed in the building are enough to convince some people that it is indeed haunted.

St Pierre Country Club

The home of the world famous golf course was once a stately home. It is allegedly haunted by a Grey Lady, who is believed to be a former occupant. There is also the ghost of the 'laughing gardener', who is said to have been a former employee. The ghost is said to walk through the gateway leading into the walled garden, cross the road and disappear into the churchyard... laughing all the way!

The Old Railway Station

The former railway station buildings have been turned into business premises... and are reputed to be haunted. The sounds of a train rumbling through the station have been reported, although none are to be seen.


Chepstow Bulwark Camp


A gentleman reports on the BBC Wales website that he was taking his dog for a walk in Chepstow Bulwark Camp at around midnight.  About half way around the camp he experienced “an eerie feeling and then something tapped on my shoulder”.  He turned quick to find there was nothing there, just the faint sound of a little girl playing.  He stated that he “looked at the dog thinking she would be chasing her stick but no - she couldn't get any closer to my leg if she tried”.  He quickened his pace, got to the other side of the camp and I heard the sound of the little girl again.  By this time, the fog had come up off the River Wye.  He reports that he squinted his eyes and could see the girl playing what looked like "Ring-a-ring-a-roses" where he had previously walked.  He watched the little girl playing for about one or two minutes and went home.  Apparently, the camp was used as a World War Two German prisoner camp.


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