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Dylan Jones

Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays

Pontypool was once an integral part of Welsh industry.  It is located between Cwmbran and Abergavenny on the A4042. 

James Street, Penygarn
In the mid 1980's, the occupier of a council house in James Street reported unexplained noises, doors and windows rattling, icey-cold sensations, crockery smashing and a shadowy figure was allegedly seen.  The owners' dogs would not settle in the house.
St Albans School
The school is said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun, who walks the main stairs and has been witnessed by a teacher.  The building was aquired by nuns in its early history, and it appears one of them wants to stay around!
The New Inn Public House
Unexplained noises, strange smells, doors shutting themselves, footsteps and slaps to the face of one unfortunate individual were the phenomena once reported here.
Varteg Fawr
It is said that the face to face encounter with the White Spirit on Varteg Fawr, will be the last thing you will ever see!  Varteg Fawr is located on the highest hillside above Pontypool, and is a very desolate spot.  So, how do people know if others have seen it, because if they have seen it, they should have died?

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