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Dylan Jones

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The picturesque town of Usk is located on the banks of the river from which it takes its name.  It is located approximately halfway along on the A449, which runs from junction 24 of the M4 to Raglan.

The Cross Keys Inn
One of the rooms at the Inn seems to like being opened of its own accord, no matter how securely it was closed.  Legend has it that in centuries past, a young girl was locked up in this room by her cruel parents.  They disapproved of her choice of man.  However, the girl eventually poisoned herself with berries that grew outside her window.  Is it her spirit that cannot bare to be left locked in that room?  Ask to stay in Room 3 if you dare...
For a full account of the story, read "Ghosts of Gwent" by Alan Roderick.
Usk Priory
Usk Priory was a 12th century building, and home to five nuns of the Benedictine Order.  They were apparently pensioned off many centuries ago.  However, it seems that they may still walk the grounds of their once precious home.  Witnesses have seen five nuns walking towards the premises at dusk.  Others have reported a feeling of fear in the upstairs parts of the building itself.
For a full witness account please click on this link:
Upper Berthllwyd
A 600 year old farmhouse at Trostrey, near Usk, is home to a normal family... and to the benign ghost of a young boy with blonde hair.  Unexplained footsteps have also been heard in parts of the house.
For a fuller account read "Haunted Gwent" by Alan Roderick.
The Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel
In this fine hotel, you may encounter some spooky experiences.  In the bar, glasses have apparently risen by themselves, a damp smell pervades some of the rooms, staff have been touched by unseen hands, and the sounds of a piano playing on its own has been heard... but there was no piano in the hotel!
For a fuller account, read "Haunted Gwent" by Alan Roderick.

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