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Dylan Jones

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Cardiff Castle
The castle is said to be haunted by the second Marquess of Bute, John Crichton Stuart.  He is said to have been seen walking through the fireplace in the Library, and makes his way into the room where he died.
Doors in the main dining hall of the castle have reportedly opened and shut by themselves, and lights have turned themselves on and off.
A rather scary apparition, described as "a faceless vision in flowing greyish-white skirts" has also been witnessed in the stockroom.  A phantom coach and horses was said to arrive at the castle when one of the Bute family was about to die. 
A grey lady has been reported at the castle, and also on the bridge over the River Taff near by.  Are they one of the same?
The National Museum of Wales
This superb museum is located in Cathays Park, and is said to be the haunt of its architect, Dunbar Smith.  Chairs are said to be moved around during the night.  J A Brooks states in his book "Ghosts and Legends of Wales", that Smith might be angry at having his ashes moved at some point, as they had to make their way for a new gents toilet! 
Automobile Association Offices
These offices, based in Cathedral Road, were the centre of strange goings on.  The cause of the phenomena was said to have been a "young lady in a shabby dress", affectionately called 'Alice' by the staff.  Some describe her appearance as benevolent, whereas others perceive her as quite sinister...
Also reported at the offices are the ghost of a white nun and that of a cat.

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