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Dylan Jones

St Athan
Llancaiach Fawr Book
The Ghost Tour of Wales
Haunted Holidays

St Athan is situated near to Roose Airport.  Directions to follow...

West Orchard Castle
This castle is haunted by the ghost of a White Lady, who apparently suffered a cruel death at the hands of her husband.  It is said the ghost is either Lady de Clare or that of her sister.  Lady de Clare was buried up to her neck in a field near to the castle and left to starve, as her husband believed her guilty of an affair.  Her sister visited her early each morning in secret, and collected the morning dew on her cloak so as to give her stricken sister some water to drink.  This service kept her alive for ten days before the poor woman died.
People have reported a figure in white wandering at a spot in the field.  Lady de Clare looking at the place where she perished, or the sister looking after her unfortunate sibling?

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